Friday, 29 July 2016

how to delete the virus

How to delete shortcut virus

Computer Virus infection is only removed through antivirus programs as you know, but this time we are talking about Shortcut Virus, a new modern virus automatically comes in your computer/USB/SD card and convert all of your content into a shortcut. Some time this virus makes you content invisible (not showing) and storage showing still full. The first thing I really got mad about Shortcut virus problem is not removable by anti-virus programs, even when you scan the shortcut virus infected location with an antivirus, it reply “No threat detected” and it becomes really confusing. People who don’t know how to remove this virus, they just perform a format over infected storage. If you’re helpless to format your storage, so please don’t do this again, because it is not a genuine solution. If your storage didn’t contain files or anything important, then you should format your storage because formatting also a another method to flush out shortcut virus.

The cause of this virus is an internet, third party software, USB storage and more. Sometime when you connect a pen drive to your friend’s computer for exchanging data, but you didn’t know your friend’s computer is already infected by a shortcut virus. As you connect the pen drive back to your computer, the virus becomes the part of your computer.

Follow the steps below to remove shortcut virus using command prompt (CMD):

step 1. Run Command prompt as Administrator. (Windows key + R > Type CMD & press ENTER, or search CMD > Right click to CMD and Select “Run as Administrator” or right click over Start button and select command prompt (Admin))

STEP 2. Connect your infected USB storage (Pen drive, SD card, etc.) with your Computer.

step 3. type your drive letter (For example: If your drive is F: then the command is F:)

step 4. Type the following command in Command prompt:  attrib -r -h -a -s /s /d and press ENTER

step 5. press Enter.


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