Friday, 19 August 2016


My web browsing habits includes opening multiple tabs in Google chrome at once to access different information from various sites . Fortunately Google chrome can manage to load multiple tabs at once without any hiccups , something which is a great relief for me . But this depends entirely on your PC ram , the more ram you have , Google chrome can efficiently manage multiple tabs at once .
Well Google chrome is kind of a efficient juggler , but sometimes you might need to save a bunch of these open sites in Google chrome for later reference . This is where you can use one of Google chrome’s hand feature to save multiple opentabs at once as bookmarks . This option can come very handy in some situations like :
  1. You have a power cut at your place .
  2. You have to go out on an urgent work .
  3. A plugin in Google chrome crashes .
In all the above situations you might need to close all the tabs open in chrome and shutdown your PC , in this process you might not lose the open tabs as they will be saved in the history . but opening all the websites individually from Chrome’s history is not a clever idea . Instead you should use Chrome’s handyfeature to save multiple tabs at once as bookmarks . Here is how you can save multiple tabs as bookmarks in Google Chrome .

Instructions to save multiple tabs as bookmarks in Google chrome

  • Step 1: Click on the Google chrome options button to the top right .
  • Step 2: From the options select bookmarks and then click on “ bookmark openpages “ .
  • Step 3: Now give a name for the bookmark folder in which all the bookmarksof all the open websites will saved and click on save .
  • Step 4: Now the next time you want to open these saved websites . just openthe bookmark manager in Google chrome and right click on the bookmarkfolder and select “ Open all bookmarks “ .

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