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Step by step guide on how to install WordPress theme : WordPress is one of the most used Content management systems for blogs today . All praises to the very easy interface and effective management features in WordPress that make WordPress a breeze to use . For new WordPress users it might be a bit confusing to use and install WordPress themes manually , but you will get a hang of it very soon . If you are new to WordPress then you can follow this guide to installWordPress theme .
To start with , there are two methods to install WordPress theme , which are :
  • METHOD 1 You can upload and install the theme through WordPress
  • METHOD 2 You can manually upload the theme through FTP and install the WordPress theme .
The first method is the most convenient ,  but if any case you are not able toinstall WordPress theme using WordPress , you can use the second method to manually install WordPress themes through ftp .

How to get a WordPress theme ?

Before we install WordPress theme , we need to have a WordPress theme which we are going to install . You can do a Google search for WordPress themes and choose from a variety of free and premium themes . Most of the sites provide a free demo of WordPress themes , take a look at those demos  and select a theme with the best designs and features .
Alternatively i would recommend can browse through many free and premium themes from the following sites and get the theme of your choice . These sites are very trusted by the WordPress community and have a lot of affordable and feature packed themes .
Visit the above sites and browse through the different categories of themes . browse through the demos of various themes and download any theme which interests you . the theme will be downloaded in a zip file , inside which you will a manual , read me file and other license files . Extract the theme files to your desktop or any other location convenient to you  .
Note: Read the manual and read me  files carefully as they will help you to customize and troubleshoot any problems further when you install WordPress theme .

METHOD 1 ] How to install WordPress Theme the Default way 

  • Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard . From your WordPress menu on the left side , select appearances > themes .  In the page that opens , click oninstall themes to install the WordPress theme .
  • Step 2:  Now you are viewing the WordPress theme manager , Through this page you can search many free and premium themes . As we already have a theme , we will proceed further to install WordPress theme .
  • Step 3: Now we have to upload the WordPress theme . click on choose file and navigate to the folder where you had extracted the theme files. Select the theme file and press enter . Now click on install now to install now the WordPress theme .
  • Step 4: When your WordPress theme is installed , you will see the following page . Click on live preview to see a preview of the theme on your site before you actually install the WordPress theme . If you like the click on activate toinstall the WordPress theme .

  • Step 5: Alternatively your newly installed WordPress theme can also be viewed from your WordPress theme page , along with previously installed themes .
wordpress theme installed

That was the default method to install WordPress themes . If in any case you are not able to install WordPress themes through this default method , then follow this second method to install WordPress theme manually though a FTP server . Follow these instructions below .

METHOD 2 ] How to install WordPress Theme Manually through FTP 

According to your host the folder structure of your hosting may differ , so i will guide you through the basic steps to install WordPress theme , which is similar for all hosts .
  • Step 1: Extract the theme files :
extract wordpress theme
  • Step 2:  Connect to your Ftp server using the login details provided by your hosting service provider .
  • Step 3:  Once connected to your hosting server . open the following directory in your ftp server .  “ “
  • Step 4:  Upload your extracted theme folder into the theme folder inside yourftp server . Wait for a few minutes until the theme files are uploaded .
  • Step 5: Once the theme is uploaded , Login into your WordPress dashboard and click on appearances and select themes . Your new theme will now appear in WordPress , click on live preview to see how the theme look on your website or click on activate to use the theme on your site . Now you can go ahead and install any WordPress theme .
new install wordpress theme ftp
You have now learnt to successfully install WordPress themes . But the most important part is to install WordPress themes from legal sources . Do notdownload WordPress themes from warez sites or illegally . WordPress themesdownload illegally will have malware and bad links in them which will get your site hacked or worse penalized by Google . If you face any problem through this process , then let me know of them through the comments . i will try my best to help you out .

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