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Learn Online Basic Java

Learn Online Basic Java on

1. Install jdk in your Laptop.2.Install editpluse in your Laptop.


The Java Development Kit (JDK) is an implementation of either one of the Java Platform, Standard EditionJava Platform, Enterprise Edition or Java Platform, Micro Edition platforms[1] released by Oracle Corporation in the form of a binary product aimed at Java developers on SolarisLinuxMac OS X or Windows. The JDK includes a private JVM and a few other resources to finish the development of a Java Application.[2] Since the introduction of the Java platform, it has been by far the most widely used Software Development Kit (SDK).[citation needed] On 17 November 2006, Sun announced that they would release it under the GNU General Public License (GPL), thus making it free software. This happened in large part on 8 May 2007, when Sun contributed the source code to the OpenJDK.[3]


EditPlus is a text editorHTML editorPHP editorJava editor and Hex Viewer for Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.
  • Syntax highlighting for HTMLPHPJavaC/C++CSSASPPerlJavaScriptVBScriptPython andRuby on Rails. Also, it can be extended for other programming languages based on custom syntax files.
  • Seamless Web browser for previewing HTML pages, and FTP (also sftp and FTPS) feature for uploading local files to FTP server.
  • Other features include Hex Viewer, HTML toolbar, user tools, line number, ruler, URL highlighting, auto completion, cliptext, column selection, powerful search and replace, multiple undo/redo, spell checker, customizable keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Java-Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. There are lots of applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed, and more are created every day. Java is fast, secure, and reliable. From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere!

First Program of java

class MyProgram


public static void main(String args[])


System.out.println("WELCOME IN JAVA");

the output is WELCOME IN JAVA.

how to execute program in java
first goto window and search "CMD" in all program.
and open it.
Like it. This is CMD


Type "cd desktop" and enter

Next is Type Your Folder name such as My Folader name which save my file of MyProgram is 'Workshop'

Type 'Workshop' and Enter.
Jdk reached your folder.
Next is
Type your Program name which javac and .java
Example- my Program name =MyProgram
the I type
then your program is compayled
Type again
'java MyProgram'
and enter
your Program is Executed.



Thanks for read my post and Next Program will be post next day.

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